Automotive and architectural bent toughened glass is made in a process similar to the tempering of glass but in this particular process after the glass is brought to a softening temperature it is given a desired cervical shape with a given radius and the same is than suddenly cooled by applying cold air jets. This results in a curved or bend glass with properties of a of a toughened glass with respect to strength and resistance.

BS Ultra Curved Glass

BS Ultra Curved Glass is made in an fully automatic bend glass toughened line and can give Jumbo sized bent toughened glass with no templates no, moulds, no inaccuracies and no age old bending techniques. Bend glasses are made to the required specifications with utmost care so as to give smooth edges and complete accuracy to avoid any fitting problems.

Applications of BS ultra curved glass

#   BS ultra curved glass can be used in following applications

#   Curved fašade in external structuralgalzing.
#   Curved glass shower cubicals.
#   Curved glass entrance doors.
#   Sweet shops and other curved display counters
#   Curved glass for Automobiles
#   Curved glass partitions capsule Elevators

#   Curved glass for aquariums

#   Curved glass for staircases and many other such applications.

Automotive and architectural bend glasses are today becoming very popular due ton it's Aesthetical qualities, Space saving, Larger view, Security and strength. More and more Architects are specifying bend glass usage to the need of the client and BS ultra curved glasses are the answer to such requirements, BS Ultra curved glass if fully tempered and hence no alterations can be made to the glass after the tempering is done and hence needs perfect measurements and curve radius before processing.

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