The Process of making standard insulating glass involve the Assembling of two or more lites of glass which are separated by a fixed interval using an spacer and filled with a desiccant (drying agent) or inert gas to for a hrmetically sealed unit.The unit so designed is then sealed around the perimeter with a flexible sealant. Such double glazed units are useful in acoustic control and in heat control.

BS Ultra Cool Glass

BS Ultra cool unit is made in fully automatic Insulating line with options of providing either a dry agent or an inert gas inside. The hermetic sealing is done by sealing the unit with a inner seal called as primary seal which is normally poly iso butyl sealant and an outer sealant and an outer sealant called as secondary sealant which is either a silican sealant or polysulphide sealant.


The aluminium or spacer bar are used for creating a exact distance between the glass lites as there is a direct correlation between the distance of the glass lites and the nosie reduction or heat reduction or energy saving properties.


BS Ultra Cool glass saves on cooling cost or heating cost by reducing the U Value of the glass that is to say it reduces the transfer of heat from one side to the other side of the glass unit. It also helps in reducing the noise which can be a major problem in building. Personal comfort can thus be increased and the cost of making a double glazed unit is Recovered over a period of time reduction on HVAC cost. It can also be made by using two or more lites of toughened or laminated glass so as to give very high safety as required in multistoried buildings which also have to take a large amount of wind load.


Applications of BS ultra Cool Glass


BS Ultra cool glasses can be used in Multi storied office or residential complexes, Hospitals, Hotels, Cyber Cafes, Restaurants, Laboratories, Pharma tablet units, Turbo generator or such heavy machine enclosures, Telephone exchange, Computer rooms, Airport control towers, Train windows and other such places where noise, Heat and moisture are a problem. BS ultra cool glass with toughened and laminated panes can be used as bullet proof enclosures, chemical laboratories and other such safety requirement.

The use of Argon gas in place of Dry air within the cavity of double glazed unit is becoming quite popular because of the fact that argon gas has very low conductivity and does not conduct heat or noise as readily as sir. Further it is quite safe to use it since it is biologically hazard free.


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