Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of glass permanently bonded together with tough interlayer of Polyvinyl Butyral(PVB) or Resin under heat or pressure into a single piece. The glass panels may be of equal or different thickness and may be annealed, tempered or heat strengthened. The glass panes used may be of clear, tinted or reflective glasses and the resultant composite panel may be used as a monolithic lite or in conjunction with a double glazed insulated unit. This constitute the highest standards of safety glass and can be used for different safety requirements in various combinations. One of the most famous outcome of these type of process in Bullet proof glass.

BS Ultra Lam Glass

BS Ultra Lam glass is made under strict international standards using the best machineries available for the same. These glass are shatter proof and are absolutely harmless and are unlikely to cause any kind of injuries when broken. The broken glass tends to stick to its position with the interleaving layer of PVB minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges flying and galling on objects or person. Laminated glass used with toughened glass panes show exceptional safety characteristics.

#   BS Ultra Lam glass have substantial noise control properties due to the double layer of  glass and the PVB interlayer. Thicker the PVB  interlayer better the noise reduction.

#   BS Ultra Lam glass is available in wide range of colors by using either tinted glasses or by using PVB interlayer of different colors. Annealed glasses laminated together can be cut also as per the size required.

#   BS Ultra Lam glass Screens out almost 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays thereby protecting glare, furniture and interiors from fading out. It can also reduce AC loads due to the reduced heat transmitted inside the building. Further this glass help avoid injuries during natural disasters, calamities and artificial man made calamities.

#   BS Ultra Lam are tested to meet international standards governing safety glass and is tested to comply with BS 6206, AS 2208 and IS codes.

#   BS Ultra Lam glass can be used where safety is important like school buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Theaters, Multiplexes, Shopping malls, Airport and Railway windows, Residences and many other public places.



It can also be used in skylights, roofs using glass, jewelery shop, banks etc. and for bullet proof glasses on podiums for VIP'S.


Handling and precautions for BS Ultra Lam Glass

#   Although these glass can be cut it is desirable to make it as per size to ensure digital accuracy.

#   If exposed to vary high temperature over 80 degrees it can lead to some damage to the PVB inter layer which should be taken care of.

#   All precautions that are asked for by PVB manufacturers should be taken care of.

Sealant of best quality and water proof characteristics should only be used and should be properly installed.


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