Balsurya mirrors Limited started operations in 1996 with setting up of the art mirror processing line. A seven stage process is used to produce long life distortion free mirrors complying to international standards.

Mirror A reflection of truth

Mirror, is an indulgence for woman as well as men. Right from time immemorial, take a look at the sculpted deities in temples where woman sculptures indulged in self admiration looking into a mirror. Beauty must be noticed, admire and reflected in its true sense. But do all the mirrors reflect truth? Unfortunately, Not. They present distorted and dark images. You can blame it on the technology and art of making mirrors, blame it on finishing, blame it on glass or blame it on weather. Answer to having good quality international standard mirror became Balsurya mirrors.

Balsurya mirrors with its seven stages process of manufacturing mirror using highest quality glass ensures that it gives the persons brightest and true image of self which is absolutely free of any distortions and external effects.


Indian Image Global acceptance

Balsurya mirror with its sustained efforts to maintain international quality standards and with its aggressive marketing strategy has ensured that it becomes a house hold name not only in domestic market but also in the international market. Today along with catering to Indian market to also exports to countries like Srilanka, Pakistan, china , European countries, Korea and Japan.



Quality builds an International Image

The result of focusing on quality is very visible. Flawless mirrors that are second to none and at par with global standards are produced at state of the art manufacturing facilities of Balsurya.

Manufacturing on high quality float glass using special chemicals by world acknowledged Silvering technology, Balsurya mirrors reflect an undistorted image. Backside coating is done in two layers with protective curtain coated paint specially imported from Germany so as to match global standards. The processing line is similar to any used by leading mirror manufactures world wide and its instrumental in giving bright, durable and ultra clear mirror.

The result of putting up such world class mirror processing line were tangible and heart warming. After a battery of rigorous tests, Lilly Industries Inc. (USA) has awarded process plant certification to Balsurya mirrors. A recognition for the quality conscious Balsurya group.



Crucial tests such as salt, Humidity and Cass are conducted on basis. No product is allowed to move out of the Plant unless it passed all above tests and has undergone meticulous inspection at various stages. Besides, on line Quality tests are daily routine to ensure process efficiency, Accelerated salt spray test conducted on the mirror for 480 Hours has testified that there is not even a single pin hole mark. No winder, When it come international quality, Balsurya mirrors beats the competition on all the grounds.


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