Tempering is athermanl process by which the basic strength of glass is enhanced .During this process the annealed glass is heated to near softening point and then is rapidly cooled by directing Air jets over the surface of glass. This result in surface getting cooler faster than the core of the glass inducing stresses under compression on the surface and tension at the core. Ultimately the glass becomes stronger with higher resistance to thermal and impact load. The above process however does not change the visible and solar factors of the glass thus keeping the basic qualities

same while enhancing the strength. Fully tempered glass is almost 4 to 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. Further, breakage of tempered glass will result in breaking of glass in small diamond like cluster with very low risk factor and hence are sometimes referred to as safety glasses also. However the risk factor is not as low as in case of laminated glasses.


BS Ultra Tuff


BS ultra tuff glasses are 4 to 5 times stronger then annealed glass in mechanical compression and impact resistance. Further, BS ultra tuff glass have approximately three times higher resistance to thermal stresses or shocks( about 150 degree Celsius) as compared to annealed glass which can break on a sudden change of temperature by about 40 50 degree Celsius.


BS ultra tuff glass can with stand temperature up to 295 degree Celsius. Theses glass are tested to meet International standards and are tested according to the specification of BS 6206, AS 2208, ASTMC-1048, ANZI 97.1 JIS and PSB.


BS ultra tuff glass breaks into small, comparatively harmless diamond like clusters unlikely to cause any serious injuries in contrast to annealed glass which will break in sharp knife like fragments. BS ultra tuff can also thus be used as safely glasses due to its almost harmless breaking pattern.



BS ultra Tuff glasses are having large applications and can be used in Structural Glazing, Shower Cubical, Shop frontage, Glass facades, Aluminum windows, Table tops, All Kinds of furniture, Sweet Shops, Display sections, Balustrade, Roof top, Green house buildings, Doors and partitions, Discotheque dance floors and any other such uses of glass


Handling and Use precautions


#   BS Ultra Tuff should not be cut, chamfered or drilled otherwise it will shatter into pieces.

#   All holes, edge working and designing should be done prior to making of BS ultras tuff glass.

#   Beyond the strength it has BS ultra tuff can break if subject to higher loads.

#   BS ultra tuff needs to be handled and installed carefully and any edge damages during the process can lead to its  breakage later if not at this instance.

#   Skilled workers should only be employed for installation and handling of the glass.

#   BS ultra tuff should ideally be used with sandwich lamination when the safety is of utmost concern.


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