• 86000 sq ft Area
  • Construction 4600 sq ft
  • 150+ Employee

Lab Room



CNC Cutting Machine


CNC cutting machine with auto loader

  • Cutting machine is fine Italic build machine from Intermac.
  • Automatic cutter cuts sheets from 4mm to 19mm thickness.
  • Maximum cutting size: 3300mm x 6100mm

For Edger


For Edger Police Machine with Washing Machine

  • Two fully automatic double edger machine for crystal edging of glass from both opposite sides of Shunde Hiseng company from China.
  • Maximum edging size – 3m X 5m
  • Thickness ranges from 4mm to 19mm.

IG Line


Drilling machine


Big Toughen Machine


Small Toughen Machine


Lamination Line


Lamination room with auto clave

  • Autoclave with infrared Heaters
  • The circulating fans homogeneously heat the glasses via air convection in circular motion.